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8 products

Our Commitment


We base our commitment to quality on the idea that the things we accumulate during our lifetime are the things that are most dear to us. As such, all of our jewelry pieces are designed to be passed down from mothers to daughters, generation after generation.

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The Conscious choice

Perhaps ultimately we all discover that only a few things really matter to us. We come to understand and appreciate items that actually do bring us joy and let go of the ones that don't.

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Conscious production (pre-sale)

Quality over quantity

Sustainability is on our horizon, and every day we strive to meet more conscious practices. Higher standards on quality and practices. Quality over quantity. Conscious production (pre-sale) over mass production. Heirlooms over cheap Jewellery. We strive to create Jewellery that you can rely on, and build memories with. We want you to feel utterly confident and empowered whenever you wear a CREMILDE BISPO JEWELLERY piece.


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