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CREMILDE, the creative.

"Passionate about classical antiquity and the ancient world, about techniques that have been lost in time and those yet to be invented. In the studio, experiments are part of the air I breathe, as are the flowers, which insist on hovering in every corner of this place. Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places, from a detail of a majestic building on Avenida da Liberdade to a sprout of a plant lost in the ground on the way home.

Being a perfectionist is a constant but welcome condition, as it makes me always want to reach higher. Higher means delivering the best for my clients and the best for the planet. Sustainability is on my horizon, and every day I strive to meet more conscious practices.

Higher standards on quality and practices. Quality over quantity. Conscious production (pre-sale) over mass production. Heirlooms over cheap Jewellery. I strive to create Jewellery that you can rely on, and build memories with. I want you to feel utterly confident and empowered whenever you wear a Cremilde Bispo piece."


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